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Our experienced team at Irrigation Technicians provides the finest sprinkler repair in Edmond, OK and the surrounding area. We take pride in offering competitive prices, top-quality products, and reliable service. When you call on our services, you can expect to save money, water, time, and have an efficiently working irrigation system that you can enjoy for years to come. Our technicians are certified and highly skilled and consistently meet environmental challenges and industry regulations with utmost confidence.

There is nothing more frustrating than a subpar sprinkler system that continually malfunctions. At Irrigation Technicians, we offer responsive, same-day service on most irrigation systems. Regardless whether you need help with a broken water pipe or the replacement of a sprinkler head, we can immediately take the anxiety and stress out of your lawn care.

Our expertise in replacing sprinkler valves, and maintenance on sprinkler wiring and controls allows us to create a well-designed and optimal sprinkler system that nurtures your lawn uniformly without any wasted runoff.

Our irrigation technicians at Irrigation Technicians respond to virtually all of your sprinkler repair needs immediately. That is because we understand the importance of your service needs. We will inspect and evaluate your sprinkler system, repair issues, and utilize troubleshooting techniques to quickly restore your lawn’s watering needs. Upon consultation, we factor in every aspect of your irrigation system, thereby ensuring longevity in maximized operation.

Everything from repairing broken sprinkler pipes and repairing sprinkler timers, to detecting cut or damaged wires and locating and repairing (or replacing) solenoid valves, no project is too big or complex for us. Experience quality work first hand with our talented technicians at Irrigation Technicians.

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